See your positioning, field movement and travelled distance

Analyse your heatmap, see how you behaved in different periods of the match and stand out as a defender, midfielder, winger or center forward.

Keep track of your endurance and improve your physical fitness

See your minute-by-minute pace and find out how well physically prepared you are . Your endurance shows your physical wear and evolution.

Challenge yourself and conquer your place in the rankings

Have access to your score for every metric and compare them with your past matches or with your playmates. Climb the rankings and see how you are against other players in your city, country and worldwide.

Discover new things about yourself, your skills and football matches




Avarage and
max speed

How are you


You can use an armband to play with your smartphone

Developed to accompany you during your activities, these armbands are an easy-to-find option and are comfortable to use during your football match.

Used and trusted by professional teams

Just like top notch athletes, you too can have access to cutting-edge technology to improve your skills with consistent metrics that are already trusted by professional brazilian teams.

Incubated and accellerated by outstanding companies

Perguntas Frequentes

Does the app work properly everywhere?

The app works best in open spaces. For closed places there is some limitations that depend on the quality of your device GPS and signal coverage.

How can i know if my smartphone GPS is proper to use?

This can be achieved easily by opening the app, starting a new activty and moving. This simulation can be done inside the football field or even at the street.

Do i need internet connection for the app to work properly?

No, the data is collected via GPS regardless of internet connection, so you can play without worries.

Will i have access to my match data if i play without internet connection?

Yes, all you have to do is to go online once after the match is complete, and the app will send us your match data for analysis. Your results will be normally available.